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Are you a trans individual, or know someone who is? It's a difficult process, right? No matter where in transition you or your loved one is, there are always questions and challenges, and the internet is a very big place with a lot of conflicting information and questionable sources.

That's where we come in. Through years of research and interviews with people from many walks of life, this educational podcast strives to bring you as accurate and useful of information as we can in an easily understood audio format. This way you can kick back and listen while you do other things with your busy day.

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Vieno Carson


After ten years of research before starting his own journey of transition, Vieno decided to put his knowledge and thirst for information to good use for those around him, prompting him to start this podcast in January 2019. He is currently the primary writer and host of the show.

photo by Al Blount | alblount.com


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